Out With the Old, In With the New

Plan your professional roof removal project in Long Beach, CA

Before you can get your sturdy, beautiful new roof, the old one has to go. That's where Verome Roofing comes in. Our professional roof removal team can quickly and effectively tear off shingles tile, slate, single-ply and terracotta roofing for clients in the Long Beach, CA area.

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Expect a simple roof removal process

Tearing off your old roof to get a new one doesn't have to be a complicated process. Our roof removal contractors follow these simple steps to make the process easy:

  • First - provide an on-site quote for your project
  • Next - draw up a service contract for you to sign
  • Then - wait until you're home to remove the roof
  • Finally - have a city inspector approve the site for new installation

Once the old roof is gone, we'll get to work installing your new roof. Connect with our professional roof removal team today to get started.